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October 25, 2020

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Poetic License


You'll find this license plate in Bluffton near the St. John's United Church of Christ. It belongs to the congregation's pastor, Rev. Carol Clements.

052887 - has to be a birthday

052887 - The Icon first thought this was a a zip code, but upon further study, we believe the owner of this plate was born on May  28, 2987. We welcome clarification from any Icon view with more information. We spotted this plate on a blue Honda CR-V in Ada. (The monthly renewal sticker confirmed our birthday theory.)


NANA DEB - Next time you are in Bluffton drive past the Citizens National drive-thru. You'll spot this plate on a silver GMC Terrain.


The Icon spotted IRISH 92 in the Vancrest Ada parking lot. It's an Allen Country plate and you'll find this on a Honda CR-V in a slate grey color.


This can only mean that there's a Hemi engine under the hood. The Icon spotted this plate in a Bluffton University parking lot on a dark blue Dodge Magnum RT.


Who ya for? The answer: both. This ONU and OSU supporter wears his school loyalty on his sleeve...or, in this case, his license plate. The two-university plate was spotted on a black Altima on ONU's campus.