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October 15, 2019

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Poetic License


Here's a plate seen frequently in Bluffton on a white Ford. It stands for Dunifon Oil, a former Bluffton business.


Youths who have taken driver's education know this plate.

It's on a Silver Buick Century Special Edition. It belong tyo Drive Time Driving Instruction. You will it in Ada and Bluffton.

And, there is a Drive Time 1 and Drive Time 2


You don't need to think very long about the make of this car that the Icon spotted on North Main Street, Ada. It's a Lincoln Town Car.

I Peter 5:7

Here's a license plate found in the Bluffton school parking lot. You'll find it on a silver Mercury Monterey. I Peter, chapter 5, verse 7 offers an encouraging message to everyone.


Spotted on a Hancock County car driving south on Main Street in Ada. An appropriate plate to see just after the election when Americans were free to vote for many government officials from local to federal levels. This driver is a parachutist.

Here's a plate familiar in Bluffton

Here's a famliar Bluffton license plate. It belongs to Christian and Jamie Nygaard.