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December 15, 2019

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Poetic License


Meet CHRS MSN. The Icon spotted this plate on a red Chrysler 300 S in the Mennonite Memorial Home parking lot in Bluffton. It has a Hancock County sticker. If Chris is viewing this, please tell us the meaning of this plate.

CHEER 63 - a cheerleader born in 1963?

The Icon spotted "CHEER 63" in the Ada school parking lot in September. Look for it in a white Chevy Traverse LTE. Does it belong for a former cheerleader born in 1963? That's our best guess.

Do you have an interesting license plate? Send a photo to info@adaicon.com. Don't forget to tell us the plate's meaning.

You'll find "PEGS" in Bluffton

With a Hancock County sticker, we found "PEGS" in the parking lot of the Mennonite Memorial Home, Bluffton. It's on a neon blue Chrysler.

A true Lincoln Highway fan

Spotted in Ada: What does it say?

Spotted this plate in Ada. Trying to phonetically work it out, but having trouble. Can anyone help us? Add your comment below.

This driver is Heaven-bound

Welcome to "Poetic License." The Icon features a variety of license plates in this column. This plate was photographed on Bluffton's Main Street.