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September 28, 2020

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Poetic License

Lots of information in just six letters

This plate provides a lot of information with just six letters. It belongs to David Retterer, Ada, mayor. You'll find it on a bright red Ford F150 pickup.

How many other university towns in the U.S. could you pull this off?

You won't see this on the street - it's nine different plates

You won't find this plate on the street. It's a combination of nine different license plates that spells "TOMMY TIRE," an Ada business. It's on diplay in the Bluffton office. We see mostly Ohio plates and two states that we can't identify used in this artistic work.


Meet CHRS MSN. The Icon spotted this plate on a red Chrysler 300 S in the Mennonite Memorial Home parking lot in Bluffton. It has a Hancock County sticker. If Chris is viewing this, please tell us the meaning of this plate.

CHEER 63 - a cheerleader born in 1963?

The Icon spotted "CHEER 63" in the Ada school parking lot in September. Look for it in a white Chevy Traverse LTE. Does it belong for a former cheerleader born in 1963? That's our best guess.

Do you have an interesting license plate? Send a photo to info@adaicon.com. Don't forget to tell us the plate's meaning.

You'll find "PEGS" in Bluffton

With a Hancock County sticker, we found "PEGS" in the parking lot of the Mennonite Memorial Home, Bluffton. It's on a neon blue Chrysler.

A true Lincoln Highway fan