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Randy Stewart this week's football contest winner

Ten contestants correctly picked 14 games this week. Five of those were eliminated in the first tie-breaker.

The remaining five each picked the same two correct tie-breakers. To break the tie, we declared that the the contestant who was the earliest to enter this week's contest (of the five who tied), would be declared the winner.

Randy Stewart, who submitted his enter on Sept. 17 at 4:07 p.m., is therefore declared the winner.

This week's results:

14 correct  - Bradley Smith, Brandon Huber, David Glick, Randy Stewart and Tom Clark.
14 correct (eliminated by first tie-breaker) - Chris Boisvert, Dave Moser, Jim Dillman, Mark Delisle and Nancy Armour.
13 correct - Adelyn Althaus, Becky Warren, Bill Edwards, Duane Bollenbacher, Nathan Davis and Todd Fleharty.
12 correct - Barry Schneck, Dan Smith, Mike Burris, Scott Little and Tater Hooker.
11 correct - John Clevidence, Kelly McClure, Kyle Gratz, Luke Amstutz and Scott Basinger.
10 correct - Bryan White and Scott Gleason.
9 correct - Gideon Fisher and Jared Lehman.
8 correct - Donald Culp, Erica Fisher, James Crawfis and Mary Glick.
6 correct - Jim Gratz and Megan Morris.

The cumulative totals through Week 5 of The Icon football contest are:

63 points - Duane Bollenbacher and Todd Fleharty.
62 points - David Glick.
61 points - Mark Delisle.
59 points - Barry Schneck and Dan Smith.
58 points - Luke Amstutz, Mike Burris and Randy Stewart.
57 points - Chris Boisvert, John Clevidence and Nancy Armour.
56 points - Becky Warren.
55 points - Tom Clark.
55 additional contestants have accumulated less than 53 points.

Corey Greer is the contest judge.