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Nancy Armour winner of this week's Icon football contest

Nancy Armour is the winner of Week 4 of The Icon Football Contest. Nancy, Chris Conley and Jim Dillman each correctly picked 12 games this week. Chris was eliminated in tie-breaker 1 (picked Ohio State to win by 8 or more). Nancy and Jim picked the same tie-breakers. Since The Icon received Nancy's picks first she is declared the winner.

Other contestants:
11 correct - Dave Bracy, Duane Bollenbacher, John Clevidence, Kyle Gratz and Todd Fleharty.
10 correct - Brandon Huber, Mike Burris and Tater Hooker.
8 correct - Bill Edwards, Mark Sommers and Randy Stewart.

The cumulative totals for The Icon Football Contest 2 are:
49 points - Duane Bollenbacher.
48 points - John Clevidence.
46 points - Nancy Armour.
45 points - Todd Fleharty.
44 points - Brandon Huber.
42 points - Kyle Gratz and Mike Burris.