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Katey and Kyley aren't the only twins in the Stuart family

The Ada Icon talked with the Stuart twins recently. They are freshman at Ada High School. Here’s part of the conversation. Forgive us if we’ve mixed up some of their responses.

What classes are you taking this semester?
Both: Spanish I, Biology, English, Geometry, World History and Art.

I understand you aren’t the only twins in your family.
Katey: We have an older brother and sister, who are also twins - Lee and Lindsay. They are both Ada High School graduates. We also have one older brother and sister who aren’t twins. I think we had great-great uncles who were twins.

Did you ever switch places?
Kyley: We’ve thought about it, but we’re not identical, so we never did it.

Tell me about some of your other differences.
Katey: Kyley’s more shy than I am.
Kyley: That’s true.

Did you ever dress the same?
Kyley: Until the second grade we did. We dressed the same all time. Not any more.

How about now?
Katey: Kyley likes sweatpants and I don’t.

What’s the not-so-fun part about being twins?
Kyley: Whenever we talk about twins people stare.

What are some of the differences between the two of you?
Katey: I’m in track.
Kyley: I’m not in track.

Katey: I don’t like hamburgers or pickles. Kyley loves them.
Kyley: That’s pretty much it.

What are your favorite subjects in school?
Katey: History.
Kyley: English. I read about two books a week. Right now I’m reading “Delirium.” It’s about a society that sees love as a bad thing.

What’s your favorite television program?
Both: Pretty Little Liars. It’s about four friends. One of their friends died and the remaining friends try to figure out killed her. It’s on Tuesday nights.

Do you have any pets?
Both: An Australian shepherd named Lacy. It’s an outside dog.

Thanks for talking with me.