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Letter of thanks for the Ada community

Dear Editor,

The Ada Kiwanis Club would like to thank the Ada community for their support of the club’s 61st annual Pancake and Sausage Day held on March 23rd. 

This year marked a change in both date and venue as the fundraiser was held on a Saturday at the Ada Exempted Village School cafeteria. 

The event was a huge success as we served over 570 people. 

A special thank you goes out to the Ada Exempted Village School for the use of their kitchen and cafeteria.         

The Ada Kiwanis Club reimbursed the school district for the costs related to cafeteria and custodial help along with the additional utility expenses incurred by the school during the event.     

An extra special thank you goes out to Ann Hersey, Mike Lenhart, Susan Baughman and Jeff Castle who assisted the Ada Kiwanis Club. 

Your assistance and advice were instrumental in the food preparation; kitchen and cafeteria utilization and clean-up.    Your efforts and expertise were top notch.         

The Ada Community is extremely blessed to have such a modern facility to accommodate the event.   

The Ada Kiwanis Club also asks that you support the Ada Exempted Village Schools .75 percent income tax on the May 7, 2013 ballot to “protect the excellence” in Ada Schools. 

The Ada Kiwanis Club


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