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Meet LeAnn Pryor of ReStore Community Center

There is much to ReStore Community Center, 210 N. Main St., Ada, beyond its thrift store identity.  It also provides meals as well as resources and referrals to many kinds of public programs and assistance.  

But the very heart of ReStore, according to LeAnn Pryor, executive director, is a community center, a place for people of all sorts to gather and make friends and have a human connection.  

Pryor has been the executive director since January.  Her position is one of only two paid positions at ReStore, the other being that of store manager.   All the other positions are volunteer filled.  

Pryor is responsible for directing, fundraising and overseeing all the programming at ReStore Community Center.

Raised in the United Methodist Church, from which Restore sprung, and a lifelong Hardin County resident, Pryor is married with two children, ages 16 and 11. She has a degree in psychology and early childhood development. 

In the coming days, the Icon will profile not only the upcoming summer programs at ReStore but also other folks connected to the active, lively and valuable resource to the Ada and Hardin County area.