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Who am I? My aunt worked with Madonna during the filming of a movie

By Alisa Ambrecht

Who Am I?

• I graduated from Ada in 1991.

• I competed in track and soccer in high school, I swam for one year and won the Coach's Award for that year.

• I like to run and have competed in two full marathons and two half marathons.

• I am starting my third season as a volunteer coach for a certain sport at Ada High School.

• I usually get invited to weddings for the sole purpose of entertaining the guests with my mad dancing skills.

• I am a St. Louis Cardinals fan and got to attend Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.

• I have an aunt who has some interesting facts of her own: 
     •She was the youngest player in the professional female baseball league that is        eatured in the film "A League of Their Own".
     • She got to work with Madonna while they were filming the movie.
     • She is in the OHSAA Hall of Fame for cross country and track.
     • She threw out the first pitch for the Anaheim Angels on June 17, 2013.
     • Her next door neighbor is Pete Rose.

Can you name this Ada resident? If so, do so in the comment area of this story. Otherwise, watch for the answer in a few days.