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Mark Wolke wins the Icon's first weekly football contest

Mark Wolke is the winner of the "practice round," of the Icon's fall football contest. He picked the winner in every game. With this week's contest (Week 2, deadline 5 p.m. Friday), starts the cummulative contest. Each contestant's points will be tabulated and in addition to a weekly winner, one contestant will be the overall winner at the end of the season.

Several prizes will be presented to the weekly winner and overall winner. Those prizes will be announced next week. Corey Greer is the contest judge.

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Other contestants:
13 correct:  Tater Hooker.
12 correct:  Tom Clark, Cheri Bracy, John Clevidence, Nathan Davis, Denny Edinger, Todd Fleharty, and Jim Dillman.
11 correct:  Brandon Huber, Rich Johnson, Bill Edwards, Duane Bollenbacher, Lindsay Steiner, Lucia Terry, and Heather Kuhbander.
10 correct:  Bryan White, Neil Reichenbach,  Teresa Taylor, Mark Sommers, Angie Gray, Don Dukes, Brad Fruchey, Ryan Kruse, Marvin Foster, Skoot Parkins, David Glick, Adelyn Althaus, Mike Burris, Scott Little, and Cierra Moran.
9 correct:  Megan Morris, Kay Lambert, Lucia Unrau, Mandy LeVeck, Jane Edinger, toddbasinger, Logan Schroll, Travis Cress, Dave Moser, Seth Burkholder, Mike Falk, Mark Delisle, Nancy Armour, Jared Lehman, Weston Robinson, and Ben Reineke.
8 correct:  Darin Moser, Scott Weissling, Chris Boisvert, Elisha Reineke, Todd Larson, Kim Wells, M. Hauenstein, Becky Warren, Tim McKinley, Barry Schneck and Jerry Cupples.
7 correct:  April Coughlan, Nathan Lamb and Randy Garmatter.