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Town and Country Creators 4-H Club installs officers

By Carah Deardorff, club news reporter

On Monday March 21, at 6pm, the Town and Country Creators 4H Club met at St John’s Evangelical Church in Kenton.

Club President, Devry Moore, called the meeting to order and announced the Installation of Officers.

The 2016 Town and Country Creator Officers are as follows: President, Devry Moore; Vice President, Mason Bloom; Secretary, Alex Haushaulter; Treasurer, Ty Hiller; News Reporter, Carah Deardorff; Health Officer, Abigail Hartshorn; Safety Officer, Anna Longbrake; EEL, Haley Hunt; Recreation, Eden Cronley, Mason Flint, Lauren Manns, Lara Music; Historian, Caitlyn Tudor.

Roll Call began with the question, “What project are you doing?” followed by the advisors stating the specific projects they would be advising. I

n New Business, Sarah Thomas made a motion that dues be $5.00 per member. Ty Hiller seconded the motion. Sarah Thomas then made a motion for the Township Road Clean Up service project and it was seconded by Mason Bloom. Discussion followed concerning options for additional community service projects.

Refreshments were provided by Devry Moore, Paige Osborn, Erynn Levan, Mason Bloom and Carah Deardorff. Anna Longbrake made the motion to adjourn the meeting and seconded by Haley Hunt.

The next meeting of the Town and Country Creators will be Monday April 4 at 6 pm.