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Michael Hubbell replaces Donald Traxler as chair of Hardin Democrats

The Hardin County Democrat Central and Executive Committee reorganization meeting was held at Henry’s Restaurant on April 13.

The meeting was called to order by outgoing County Chair, Don Traxler.  Traxler then announced the resignation of Daryl Flowers as member of the Central Committee.

Traxler then appointed Kathy Flowers of Goshen Township to fill the newly open position on the Central Committee. 

Other members of the Central Committee include:
Joseph Hord-Kenton 
Wesley Broseke-Kenton 
Stephanie McCullough-Kenton 
Russell Frost-Kenton  
Russell Ludwig-Dunkirk/Blanchard
Shirley Robson-Buck 
Madelyn Lowery-Cessna 
Rebecca Snider-Forest/Jackson
Donald Traxler-Ada North 
Michael Hubbell-Ada South 
Mara Guyton-Liberty 
Miles Sheldon-Lynn
Terry Donnal-Alger/McGuffey/Marion
Ruth Ann Cook-Pleasant

Traxler then proceeded to open the floor for nominations for Central Committee Chair. Michael Hubbell of Ada South was the only name placed in nomination.

Hubbell was elected as the new chair of the Hardin County Democrats. 








The next meeting of the Hardin County Democrats will be at 7:00 PM on Wednesday, May 11, 2016 at Henry’s Restaurant. Any Hardin County resident that agrees with the principles of the Ohio and Hardin County Democrat Party is welcome and encouraged to attend.