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Your support is needed on Nov. 7

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I have had the privilege of serving as chair of the Ada School Levy
Committee, working with dedicated volunteers who are passionate about
Continuing the Excellence of Ada Schools.  The committee wishes to thank the
residents of the community for your encouragement and support. The RENEWAL of the 3/4 percent income tax levy is important.  NO TAX INCREASE! NO NEW TAXES!

The choices voters make are critically important to the students and
residents of the Ada School District.  It is up to us to furnish financial
support through taxes.  Let’s continue the winning traditions of Ada
Schools!  Your YES vote in election day in November is important!

We have two sons, who are grateful for the excellent academic education they
received at Ada High School, plus opportunities involving art, music, and
sports.  They have said:  “We know that you voted for school levies when we
were in school, so now we vote for levies in our children’s school
districts.”  Education is important—it will change the world!

If you are unable to get to the polls on November 7, applications for
absentee ballots will be available October 11, 2017, at the Ada Public
Library and online at  for those living in
Hardin County and for Ada voters living in
Hancock County.  Fill out and mail in the application.  A ballot, with
instructions for completing it, will be mailed to you.

Connie Fleming
331 East Lima Avenue
Ada, OH  45810
[email protected]