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Letter: RENEW 4-H - Vote YES on Issue 6

Hardin County Voters:

On November 6, I ask for your support on Issue 6, OSU Extension Levy. This RENEWAL levy generates financial support for programs in our county such as 4-H, Agriculture & Natural Resources, Family Consumer Science, and SNAP Education. Because of the local share, financial support is returned to our county in matching state, federal and grant dollars. Without local dollars, the state and federal dollars would not be provided to OSU Extension.

This past summer, there were 789 youth participating in traditional clubs and the program had over 135 volunteers. I ask for your support because 4-H is very dear to my heart. Being a 4-H alumna myself, I have been a volunteer leader for the past 35 years. A few years ago, I had a first year member walk into a meeting about mid-summer and exclaimed, “I just love 4-H nights!” We need your support on Nov 6 to continue to provide that kind of excitement for our youth of Hardin County!

Many times, the question is ask about how many more years I am going to continue to be a 4-H leader.  I always answer with “as long as I am having fun!” We are volunteers, we enjoy what we are doing, and we ask for your support so we can continue to be mentors for the youth of Hardin County.

RENEW 4-H - Vote YES on Issue 6.

Karen Fulks

Forest, OH