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Letter to the Editor

Dear Hardin County Supporters,

  Christmas and the New Year holidays are quickly approaching and United Way of Hardin County is nearing the final lap for the 2019 campaign.  What an exciting time!

 It has been said that there is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting up people. That is exactly what United Way does for the citizens of our county, stabilizing families, helping children succeed and empowering healthy lives!

  We are so grateful to those who have already contributed so generously! But now are reaching out today for additional assistance.  Please join us and support United Way of Hardin County.

 Your gift from the heart will truly make a difference in your community through our partner agency programs focused to improve health, education and financial stability.

  Donations can be placed through our web site, or mail to United Way of Hardin County, 225 S Detroit St, Kenton, OH 43326.  For questions, please contact the United Way Director, Darlene Foreman, 419-675-1860.

 Thank You,

Merleen Barnes, President

United Way of Hardin County