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Letter: Ada Public Library is the greatest!

Please support it on Nov. 5 by voting "yes"

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The Ada Public Library is the greatest! I stop by at least once a week to update my movie selection and reading material.

Through the library's website, I can easily order movies and books from over 100 other libraries, allowing me to get items that the Ada library doesn't own. Along with popular titles, it's surprising how many old and obscure films are available!

The library's recent renovation is well done with bright colors, additional space for activities (check out the children's area), a nice meeting room and convenient parking.

The staff is always friendly and helpful. They don't seem to mind my frequent visits and that I use the library as my own personal video store...that's free!

Visit the library's website to see their calendar of events. The library hosts guest speakers, club meetings, family storytime, a knit and crochet club and Alzheimer's awareness. There are always special activities for children, teens and families.

You can even get an app for your phone that lets you take advantage of library services on the go.

The Ada community is truly blessed to have a modern, well-equipped library that offers quality services and programs!I encourage you to support the library and vote YES for the levy on November 5th.

Sandy Elsass
Ada Library Patron