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Letter: Vote yes for our Library

Dear Icon Readers, 

Having lived in Ada for 20 years, I can say with certainty, I never fully appreciated or realized the value and excellence of the Ada Public Library until about 5 years ago when our son was 3 years old. 

We were taking a walk down Main Street and it was the annual ‘Kick Off to Summer Reading Program’ which included sponsoring groups who brought farm animals, the local police and fire departments, face painting, a book sale, a balloon artist and so much more.  On this serendipitous occasion, we signed up for Summer Reading and took our materials home to begin exploring what would be a central focus of our lives from that day, forward, literally.

Fast forward five years later, we wait with anticipation, each year for the June 1st weekend to roll around so we can begin the exploration with the amazing library staff and friends for the annual summer programming for the Summer Library Program. 

The launch these past couple of years have had everything from individuals performing on stilts, Steel Drum band and Bag Pipe performances, to safety programs from our Police force and Firemen.  In fact, we had our friends in town this year, from Cleveland, during the Kick Off to Summer Launch and we brought them to it, only to have their girls want to sign up for it, and their parents, admire in awe about what a ‘small village library’ had to offer. 

The kick-off, however, is only the beginning, as weekly programs follow, creating not only educational atmospheres, but also social atmosphere for the children and parents. 

The reading program is for children who are 18 months old to adults of any age!  When new individuals move to town, the Summer Library Program, and the library, itself are the first aspects of Ada I tell new families about. 

This year’s theme focused on space and the 50th anniversary of the first moon landing, which included the entire library being garnished in solar-type decor throughout June, July and August.  Weekly trips to the library brought my two little astronauts home dressed in their own crafted ‘Space Helmets’, as well as speakers being brought in to share the history of this historic occasion.  The planets proudly hung in the activities room in the library welcoming children and adults, alike to enjoy the celebrations. 

We traveled across the street, to the Methodist Church, as part of the summer program to see the ‘traveling zoo’ the Library staff brought in from Michigan, and we learned about drumming and rhythm with nearly 50 other children and adults during a separate program. This only scratches the surface of the many experiences we have throughout the summer and the year.

The library, itself, regardless of summertime, has a director and staff that upon entry, will welcome you by name and greet you as if you are longtime friends, and soon, if you are not already, that is exactly what you will become with them.  They work tirelessly to learn the names of our children and to guide us on our navigation throughout the recent new addition to find appropriate books, computer programs such as ABC Mouse and video programs as well. 

The library is truly a gem, a diamond for the Village of Ada!  I am grateful for the employees, their board, the friendships I have made by attending programs and the excellence it brings to my children’s lives. 

We are fortunate to have it – and I’m asking to please ‘Vote Yes’ for our Library in November at the polls!

Proud Ada Resident, Ann Donnelly Hamilton