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15 minutes with Dexter

Tells about his golfing hole-in-one, worst movie he ever watched and some of his musical likes and dislikes

15 minutes with Dexter R Woods III, Ada High School junior
What classes are you taking this semester? 
I am taking Anatomy/Physiology, Advanced Chemistry CC+, AP US History, Spanish 3, Calculus 2, Government, Composition 2.

Which one is the most difficult and why? 
Calculus 2 is most difficult because I am taking it at ONU. 

I recall reading that you scored a hole-in-one in your first-ever golf match. Tell me about it. 
Ninth hole Bluffton golf course, 17th time with a club in my hands, I lined up with improper form with a hybrid 4. The ball never got more than three feet off the ground, and I thought the ball went behind the flag. Foreign exchange student Philip found it in the hole, and it was marvelous!

What type of music to do listen to? Any favorite groups?
 Mostly instrumental music because words are distracting while I am reading.  I mostly listen to classical composers.

What type of music do you absolute hate listening to? 
I have an extreme dislike of listening to rap and country music.

What was the absolute worst grade you ever received on a test? 
In the fifth grade, I did not listen to directions and received a 56 percent on Mr. Sauter's math test.

Do you buy or pack for school lunch? What’s your favorite lunch? 
Both. My favorite is when my mom gives me delicious leftovers.

Who do you usually sit with at lunch? 
Nate Hall and Tyler Karsten.

If you could have a vehicle vanity plate, what would it say? 

What movie have you watched and wish you had your money back? 
Uncut Gems.

Who did you watch it with? 
I watched it with my dad because the rest of the family left.

Where would you like to be in 10 years? 
In a steady, well-paying job.

If you could take any living famous person to lunch in Ada, who would it be and where would you go for lunch? 
I would take Bill Gates, and we would go to New China.

Dexter, it's nice talking with you and good luck for the reset of the school year.