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Liberty Township 2021 financial reports

Liberty Township, Hardin County has released the following reports for 2021:

  • Comparison of Budgeted and Actual Receipts
  • Comparison of Disbursements and Encumbrances With Expenditure Authority

The reports include the following:


General funds received (primarily property taxes)

$182,540 Budgeted

$186,736 Actual receipts


$4,196 Variance


Special revenue funds recieved (including motor vehicle license tax, gasoline tax, cemetery fees, fire district special levy, new fire truck levy, fire district including property taxes and contracts for fire services, Coronavirus Relief Fund and American Rescue Plan Act funds)

$433,770 Budgeted

$563,163 Actual receipts


$129,393 Variance


Budget and receipts totals

$616,321 Budgeted Funds

$749,905 Actual receipts


$133,584 Variance


Disbursements and Encumbrances

$840,580 Budgeted 


$133,634 Reserve for encumbrances 2020

$900,580 Appropriations 2021


$1,034,215 Total


$645,821 Disbursements for 2021

   $4,063  Reserve for encumbrances 2021


$649,885 Total


$384,329 Variance


The full report is attached and may be requested from Patty Griffin, Liberty Township Fiscal Officer at 419-296-4281.