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Council meeting summary for November 15, 2022

Expanded council chamber seating approved, long waits for new vehicles

At the Village of Ada Regular Council Meeting of November 15 (attended by the Icon via Zoom) Mayor Dave Retterer conducted the meeting beginning with the Pledge of Allegiance and Roll Call. All council members were present.

In the following action, all legislation was approved. The agenda and supporting documents are attached (Agenda, pages 1-2).


Regular Meeting on November 1, 2022 (pages 3-6)

Special Council Meeting on November 10, 2022 (page 7)


2022-23A $86,290.79 (claims register by vendor name, pages 8-13; summary on pages 14-15)

2022-23B $31,309.66 (payroll claims register; page 16)

2022-23C $$52,105.28 (claims register with payment date 11/16/2022; separate attachment)

Councilor Mason inquired about savings with new vendor Granite Telecommunications; Fiscal officer Patty Navid replied that savings are about $400 a year.

2022-23D $198.00 (claims register for All-Phase electric Supply Co.)

This item was separated due to a councilor’s conflict of interest; item passed with Mason abstaining.

Visitor Rhonda Crouse was present but did not address council.

Mayor Retterer remarked that he received a call about the capacity for guests in council chambers and said that he was interested in returning to a  pre-Covid seating arrangement. Village Administrator Jamie Hall reviewed the prior seating configuration. 

Council approved a return to a table and chair arrangement to allow for more guests.


2022-19 November 15, 2022 - A Resolution Authorizing the Mayor to Enter into an Agreement with Michael Harnishfeger for his Supplemental Employment as the Zoning Inspector. (Resolution on p. 17, contract pages 18-20)

Discussion included the question: is this annual? The contract goes through June 30 when Harnishfeger retires as Chief of Police and will then be renegotiated.

Approved unanimously.

2022-20 November 15, 2022 - A Resolution Establishing a Convenience Fee for Payments of Village Fees and Expenses. (Page 21; attached resolution outlines payment types, fee amounts and limits, returned payment penalties and fiscal officer’s role in soliciting proposals and making recommendations.)

Councilor Oestreich noted that there is currently a fee for use of credit cards. 

Approved unanimously.

2022-21 November 15, 2022 - A Resolution Accepting the Bid of Beaverdam Contracting, Inc. of Bluffton Ohio, as the Lowest and Best Bid for the Grandview Boulevard Reconstruction Project, the Project Being Located on Grandview Boulevard and a Portion of Oak Street, and Consisting of Reconstructing 1,650 Ft. Long Roadway, 2,900 St, Long Water Main, along with all Related Appurtenances. (Page 23)

Approved with two councilors abstaining.


12-2022 (First Reading) November 15, 2022 An Ordinance Establishing the Annual Appropriations of the Village of Ada, Ohio for the Fiscal Year Ending December 31, 2023, and Declaring an Emergency. (Pages 24-25; Draft of budget worksheet pages 26-61)

Approved unanimously.




Councilor Coressell asked about Wilson Sporting Goods ownership. There was a brief discussion about ownership history.


Personnel, Mr. Simmons:

Requested an executive session after the meeting with no action.

Noted that he has begun administrator evaluations and will receive comments from employees. 

Fiscal Officer’s Report: Patty Navin: 

Has closed out a CD and moved it to a better interest income opportunity.

(In the council packet on page 62, but not discussed, Navin received a letter from Gene Smith, Senior Vice President, Ohio State University Athletics acknowledging Village of Ada concerns regarding OSU moving to a Big Game USA/Nike-made football.)

Police Chief’s Report: Michael Harnishfeger: 

A new cruiser has been received and will be outfitted soon.

Would like to keep a fifth cruiser on hand until 2023 availability of new cruisers from dealer is established. Will need an in-car camera.

Will provide enhanced video security for village payments area. At the same time, cameras in the interview room don’t work well. A new system will be $1,900 combined.

Officer Penny Keller-Clark is working on a free smoke detector program for December 2022.

Police calls since the last council meeting have included mental evaluations/suicides, OVI, domestic issues and threats.

Noted that activity settles down as it gets colder.

Village Administrator’s Report : Jamie Hall: 

Would like to put in an order for an F250 truck; need to get line with the manufacturer.

The Lincoln Ave. improvement project was finished 2 years ago but the Village is just now closing out financials. $157K in engineering costs were reimbursed by a grant.

The Depot floor will be resurfaced and repaired at a cost of $3-4K. Work is scheduled for December 5-13. There were 51 rentals so far this year. 

Village offices will be closed November 24-25. 

Will post information on the next Hardin County grant information gathering sessions on the Village website. Preliminary survey results will be reviewed at 9:30 a.m. on December 3 at The Depot.

Council entered executive session at 7:09 p.m.