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Letter: ONU theater production honor wall invitation

Dear Post-9/11Veterans and Military Personnel:

Ohio Northern University Theatre is presenting the contemporary drama, Ugly
Lies the Bone, Feb. 29 - March 3, 2024. The play is about a veteran who served three tours in Afghanistan and returns home to begin the challenging process of beginning to restore her relationships, her life and herself.

Our company of undergraduate theatre students want to tell this important story as truthfully and as accurately as we can. To do that, we are hoping to connect with post-9/11 military personnel in our region and/or who are linked to the ONU community, in order to learn from you, and to honor you.

One way in which we would like to celebrate you and fellow veterans is to feature your photo and a little bit about you in the lobby of our theatre during the run of our production. If you would be willing to share a photo that you would be comfortable having us display, that would be fantastic. By Feb. 12, please consider sending a picture of yourself however you would like to be seen: it could be in uniform, or not. It could be with family or friends, perhaps in a location that you love, or possibly engaged in a favorite activity or pastime.

With the photo, we would love to include the following: your name, your hometown and state, branch of service, rank, service dates, and one of the answers provided in the section to get to know you. You may let us know what answer(s) you would feel comfortable being displayed by circling, underlining, or leaving a mark on the
specific question or questions. All the other information below would remain private, and is for us to learn a bit more about you. Thank you very much for your assistance. We appreciate your dedicated service and sacrifice.