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Public Meetings

$1.3 million Klingler Road improvement project goes to Bluffton Paving Co.

By Monty Siekerman
The Bluffton Paving Co., bid of $1.3 million for the Klingler Road improvement project was accepted by Ada village council Tuesday night. The Bluffton firm was the lowest of eight bids.

The road improvement will extend from the railroad tracks south to Lima Avenue, about half a mile in length. The old surface will be taken up and the new road will be wider, going from the present 19 foot width to 28 feet.

The project calls for curbing and storm sewer modifications, including a retention basin.
A sidewalk will be installed on the west side for the entire length of the new roadway. Lighting will be added, as well.

Special Ada council meeting March 10

David Retterer, Ada mayor, has called a special meeting of the Ada council for Tuesday, March 10, at 6:30 p.m. in council chambers, with the purposes of considering a resolution and a pay ordinance.


Three major infrastructure projects planned in Ada this year

By Monty Siekerman

Three infrastructure projects are planned for Ada this year. They are:

Klingler Road Improvement
This will be similar to recent work done on Lima Avenue and Lincoln Avenue with new pavement, gutters, and curbs. The old pavement will be removed, replaced by a new 28-foot wide road from the railroad tracks south to Lima Avenue. Lighting will be installed, and a sidewalk will be constructed on the west side.

• Cost estimate: $1.2 million

How Funded: Ohio Dept. of Transportation grant. The Village cost is only $100,000.

Ada council appointments set for new year

Ada council is ready for 2015 as committee appointments were recently released by David Retterer, mayor. 

Appointments follow:

Council president: Beth Fenton (elected by council)
Finance: Don Fleming, chair; Cathy Cole, Bob Simmons
Streets: Jimmy Wilson, chair; Cathy Cole, Beth Fenton

Buildings and Grounds: Bob Simmons, chair; Don Fleming, Jeff Oestreich
Safety: Jeff Oestreich, chair; Beth Fenton, Jemmy Wilson
Personnel: Cathy Cole, chair; Don Fleming, Bob Simmons

Tara Griffith named school board president; Ron Fleming vice president

Ada’s school board reorganized for 2015 on Jan. 8. It was the 154th reorganizational meeting for the board, making it one of the longest continual annual Ada events.

The following appointments took place:
• Tara Griffith, board president
• Ron Fleming, vice president

The board set the third Thursday of each month at 6 p.m. as its regular monthly meeting. Those meetings take place in the board of education office of the 1971 school wing.

Village of Ada accepting applications for pool manager

The Village of Ada is currently accepting applications for the position of Pool Manager and Street Department Employee. 

The position announcement and the Village Employment Application forms are available at the Village offices.  Contact the village offices at 419.634.4045 for more information.

The Village Pool is overseen by the Village Council and the Village Administrator.  Security is provided by the Village Police Department. 

Pool Rules and Regulations are published each spring so the 2015 document has not yet been created.  It is likely that it will be similar to the 2014 Pool Brochure.