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Ada Public Library

They are parachuting into Storytime at the Ada Library

Family Storytime at the Ada Public Library took a new twist today as young participants enjoyed playing with the library's parachute. This photo is from the library's facebook.

There's something new at the Ada Public Library and you may access it from home

Check out the new website of the Ada Public Library.

Amanda Bennett, library director, told the Icon: “In an attempt to make our website more user friendly we've updated it! Play around with the tabs, explore; we hope you love the changes as much as we do!”

CLICK HERE to visit the new website

Library patrons will find separate tabs for:
• Catalog
• Events calendar
• Genealogy
• Library services
• Support your library
• About us

When you click “about us,” here’s what you’ll find:

Have a snack compliments of the summer reading program

Ada Public Library's summer reading program is - excuse the phrase - one for the books.

In case you missed this year's reading adventure, the Icon's link to the library's Facebook provide an opportunity to view over 40 photos taken this summer.

The photo accompanying this story is in the mix. And, to best of our knowledge, it appears to be worms in the earth. But upon closer inspection it appears to be some sort of dessert.



It Takes a Village @ the Library

Summer Reading is only as successful as the efforts of all involved; we recognize and appreciate the Ada Schools and Chanda Smith, School Librarian, in their willingness to let us come in and talk-up Summer Reading with the kids. We are truly grateful for the dedication of the individuals and families who signed up and stuck out Summer Reading, their commitment to reading and infectious excitement for the programs AND the prizes. And I personally appreciate and recognize all the efforts of the library staff, especially Ms. Natalie, who's tireless energy and dedication to education and fun was a huge part of its success!


First-ever official tar and feathering in Ada - it wasn't pretty

Librarians were tarred and feathered in Ada on Thursday afternoon as part of the summer reading program's conclusion.

Natalie Walton (left) and Amanda Bennett suffered being covered with ice cream, whipped cream, syrup, cherries and TP, all in fun, to encourage reading among youth.

The day's activities began with a free swim at the pool for kids, then a picnic.

Later, there were a couple of librarians who could have used a free swim, as well...before the ants found them. (Monty Siekerman photo)

If that wasn't enough, young patrons turned Natalie and Amanda into human sundaes. View the photos below to see for yourself. (Human sundae photos by Amy Eddings)