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Weekend Doctor: Telehealth coverage

By Kathlean Downing, CPC, CDEO, CPMA, CRC, CEMC
Compliance Specialist, Risk Management - Blanchard Valley Health System

As we begin 2023, it is hard to believe that nearly three years have passed since the federal government initially declared a public health emergency (PHE). With the declaration of the PHE, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) and other commercial payers adjusted coverage policies, and the doors for telehealth were opened for a whole new world of healthcare to emerge. 


By Karen Kier
Pharmacist on behalf of the ONU HealthWise team

In Spain, tapa or tapas are small plates or small bites of food. Spaniards often eat their dinners later in the evening, so they will have tapas as small snacks to hold them over until food is served. Tapa would be similar to an appetizer in the United States.

There are three different types of tapas. The first is cocas de picar and is considered finger food to nibble such as nuts or olives. The second is pinchos, which requires utensils like a toothpick or skewer. Cazuelas is the third type of tapas served as a small dish of food in sauce.  

So, why am I discussing tapas? I will be providing some small bites of information published in recent medical journals about some healthy habits for 2023. Some of these tips might be a good solution if your resolutions are not going quite as planned.

Weekend Doctor: Winter pain management

By Andrius Giedraitis, MD
Blanchard Valley Pain Management

We are all well-accustomed to the trials of Ohio winters – cold mornings, snowy roads and early sunsets. Another common aspect of these winters is the propensity to develop exacerbations of chronic pain ailments. Knees and hips become achier, walking becomes more difficult and sleep becomes less restful. Many of these issues are a reflection of the colder temperatures and changes in barometric pressure, which can affect your neck, low back, shoulders, hips and

Sometimes resting at home and applying a heating pad to the painful area can bring enough relief; at other times, over-the-counter medications, such as Tylenol or ibuprofen, are needed to help alleviate these symptoms. Physical therapy, stretching and home exercises can also often improve one’s overall well-being and functionality.

Under the Radar

By Karen Kier
Pharmacist on behalf of ONU Healthwise Pharmacy

The idiom "under the radar" means the ability to go without attracting attention or to go undetected. In education circles, they may refer to a student who is under the radar as someone who follows instructions, completes their work on time, but may not fully comprehend the subject. They may not be recognized as falling behind in their understanding of the material. The education literature offers tips on how to identify these students and to improve their understanding.

Weekend Doctor: Pulmonary rehabilitation

By Sherrie Schreck, RRT
Pulmonary Rehab, Blanchard Valley Hospital

Is difficulty breathing making it harder to do the things you want to do? Has it become harder to get the mail, do simple cleaning, or get groceries? If you have chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), interstitial lung disease, asthma, cystic fibrosis, pulmonary hypertension, recovering from lung surgery or other breathing-related problems, pulmonary rehabilitation is a program that can improve your quality of life. For many patients diagnosed with chronic lung conditions, attending pulmonary rehabilitation can be a lifesaver.

What is pulmonary rehabilitation?

Having a Voice

By Karen Kier
Pharmacist on behalf of the ONU HealthWise team

The power of having a voice is important so one can be active and have a participatory role in making or influencing a decision.  At times we can think of this as it relates to politics and our role in making our voice heard.  The John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum offers a course for 3rd to 6th graders titled Making Your Voice Heard.  The course teaches about civic engagement and making a difference by writing letters.  The goal is to use the written word to effect change in communities and government.  

Besides the written word, we can use verbal communication to inspire, create, and innovate.  We can use our voice to create movies, television shows, art, theater, music, and poetry.  When I hear the voice in conversation, I often think of the television show The Voice. An interesting concept of judges blindly listening to someone’s voice without any other visual clues.  

The music competition first aired on April 26, 2011.  The show completed season 22 on December 13, 2022.  For those who watch, country music’s Blake Shelton is the only original coach on The Voice and he plans to finish out season 23 and walk away from coaching.  

How does one’s voice correlate to one’s health?