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Are you done with bad weather and people being sick? Are you ready to re-charge your health by looking at the dimensions of wellness?

Wellness is more than just our physical health – it also includes emotional, financial, social, spiritual, environmental, intellectual, creative, and even career wellness. Join Ohio State University Extension for the “Spring into Wellness” 6-week email wellness challenge to learn more about these and other wellness topics.

On the Spot

Test to treat COVID plan in development

By Karen Kier, Pharmacist on behalf of the ONU HealthWise team

The idiom “on the spot” means at the very moment or right away. Interestingly, another source defined this idiom as having to answer or decide without warning or preparation. This is exactly what came to mind when I heard the President’s State of the Union speech on March 1, 2022.  The theory for the “test to treat” is excellent and if planned appropriately, could be an essential way to continue to control SARS-CoV-2 within our country. However, many news sources are critical of the ability to accomplish a standardized program across the country by the end of March 2022.

Listen to your heart

By Karen Kier, Pharmacist on behalf of the ONU HealthWise team

On September 27, 1988, the Swedish pop duo Roxette released their single Listen to Your Heart.  The song hit the #1 spot on the Billboard music charts in both the United States and Canada in November of 1989. In 2005, the Belgian dance group DHT covered the song for release as an international club hit.  In 2020, ABC released a version of the Bachelor in Paradise that was titled, Listen to Your Heart.  Although these art forms are talking about love and relationships, it is very good advice for our overall heart health as well.


By Karen Kier, Pharmacist on behalf of the ONU HealthWise team

Synergy is defined by as “the interaction of elements that when combined produces a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements.” Science is proving that synergy is improving outcomes with COVID-19 infections and protection. Some of these synergies are surprising and are good news to help move the pandemic into an endemic.  In addition, I am excited when the material I teach to students becomes applicable in the real world! I teach that efficacy studies are tightly controlled but may not be reflective of what we actually do.

Rumor has it

By Karen Kier, Pharmacist on behalf of the ONU HealthWise team

Rumor Has It was a 2005 film directed by Rob Reiner and starred Jennifer Aniston, Shirley MacLaine, and Kevin Costner. The movie scored well in the box office but was not a fan favorite at 2.8 stars with a 20% rating on Rotten Tomatoes. In contrast, Adele won 15 Grammy awards with her hit song Rumour Has It released in 2011. Some of her lyrics strike home as we deal with the misinformation surrounding COVID-19.  Lyrics such as “bless your soul, you got your head in the clouds” and “people say crazy things”.  

Soup to Nuts

Karen Kier, Pharmacist on behalf of the ONU HealthWise team

Soup to Nuts was a 1930 feature film starring Ted Healy and The Three Stooges. The movie was born out of the 1920 vaudeville slapstick comedy act titled Ted Healy and His Stooges.  Eventually, Ted Healy left the group and it became known as The Three Stooges. The group filmed between the 1930s and the 1970s with various actors playing The Three Stooges over the years. However, the idiom “soup to nuts” was first used to describe a full course dinner from the first course to the last. Soup to nuts is a good discussion about how to use foods to help in managing mild COVID-19 infections during recovery. Omicron and delta are still circulating within our communities.