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37 pep bands ago

Here’s the Ada High School pep band from the 1983-84 school year.

Front from left, Meagan Shult, Mr. McDowell, Paul Saffell.

Row 2, Brian Nell, Ted Griffith, David Keller, Lauri Epley, Susan Stahl, Sheri Mathewson, Starlene Wright, Amy Siekerman.

Row 3, Mindy West, Cindy Gossel, Heather Saffell, Kerri Reiter, Sabori Bhattacharya, Karl Oliver.

Row 4, Scott Mullins, Joe Bruskotter, Dee-Dee Wolber, Lisa Wiley, Sheri Wince, Sandy Stahl.

Row 5, Becky Ramsey, Eric Turner, Clint Rex, Brenda Deringer, Kent Oliver, Jean Baughman.