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October 22, 2020

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Movie review: Almost Famous

When the credits roll it might make you want to take a stroll down your own memory lane for a time that made you laugh, cry, and taught you a lot about life

Almost Famous
Will: So Russell, what do you love about music?
Russell: To begin with… everything.

ALMOST FAMOUS is the coming-of-age story of William Miller (PATRICK FUGIT), a 15-year old aspiring music journalist who goes on tour to cover an up-and-coming band for Rolling Stone magazine (note: Rolling Stone doesn’t know he’s 15). The film turns 20 years old this year, which is as good an excuse as any to pack up and hit the road with Stillwater.

Music review: Pick Me Up Off The Floor - Norah Jones

The album is a testament to the creativity, style and musicianship

Pick Me Up Off The Floor - Norah Jones
Reviewer: Craig Hoffman

American singer and songwriter Norah Jones is out with Pick Me Up Off The Floor. It’s her eighth album. Jones has won multiple music awards in her career including nine Grammys for her previous work. It is hard to believe that she has been pumping out amazing music for more than twenty years.

Book reviews: NY Times best-selling author David Baldacci doesn't disappoint

Baldacci is a grandmaster of character building, and getting to know FBI agent Pine is a delight, leaving you turning pages

The Icon introduces our newest column of book reviews. Robert McCool of Ada is our reviewer.

Reviews by Robert McCool
Who says that summer reading has to be as bubbly and frothy as the foam on top of your iced latte? 

I find it better to immerse myself in a good story, like my toes being buried in warm beach sand. But with the current covid-19 restrictions on all of us I have to depend on curbside service from my local library, and recommendations from my favorite librarians. 

Which brings me to the point of these reviews on two books that I really enjoyed.

Movie review: Just Mercy

The story is very powerful and the film is very effective. Have tissues on hand.

Icon movie review "Just Mercy"
Reviewed by Wilson

JUST MERCY tells the story of civil rights defense attorney Bryan Stevenson (MICHAEL B. JORDAN), who travels to Alabama fresh out of law school to defend a number of prisoners on death row. His most notable client Walter McMillian (JAMIE FOXX), who is on death row for a murder he did not commit. 

Stevenson’s investigation and defense of McMillian uncovers and exposes the corruption and racism that runs rampant through Monroe County’s justice system.

Music review: Chromatica - Lady Gaga

Download the singles, but unless you are a huge Lady Gaga fan skip buying the entire album

The Icons introduce our first music review, a column we hope to continue monthly. Your comments are welcome at info@adaicon.com

Chromatica - Lady Gaga
Reviewer: Craig Hoffman
Lady Gaga, the Queen of Pop, is out with Chromatica. It is the first album for the megastar since the popular A Star Is Born in 2018. Chromatica is Lady Gaga’s sixth consecutive number one debut in the US.

How local parents cope with the coronavirus

By Liz Gordon-Hancock
If the last couple days are any indication, I’m in for a very bumpy, noisy, hectic ride. Parents across the state are scrambling to find childcare and/or helping their children accomplish learning at home, all whilst preparing for the possibility of enforced isolation from the coronavirus.