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June 24, 2019

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Monty's Column

Maybe Leap Year Day should be a special holiday

By Monty Siekerman
How did you spend Leap Year Day?

Probably, like any other day: going to work on Monday, beginning another week or, if you are elderly, making appointments with doctors and labs.

So, we asked: how did you celebrate Leap Year Day. The consistent answer: nothing special, just another day, went about my daily routine.

Merchants are letting a good opportunity go by. No Leap Year greeting cards or flower specials, no abundance of red, white, and blue flags.

Observations, insights and sightings: What the Ada Icon means to Ada

By Monty Siekerman
As I see it, Fred Steiner is an Innovator.

He began The Ada Icon a mere four years ago. In that short time, his efforts at founding this online means of communication garnered him and his wife Mary the award Business of the Year in Ada.

He accomplished that feat without being here 50 or 100 years. It took less than four years. Why?

Because The Ada Icon (and The Bluffton Icon, too) are effective in many ways.

The Icons build a sense of community in a village. People often report to me, "I didn't know all of that was happening in Ada."

This village is only about one square mile in size, but much goes on here.

Some Wilson Sporting Goods facts you need to know

By Monty Siekerman

Did you know?

• Wilson Sporting Goods has been a unit of Amer Sports of Finland since 1989. Amer Sports makes sports equipment, footwear and apparel.

• The Wilson brand is headquartered in Chicago.

• Wilson is the world's leading manufacturer of ball sports equipment, employing over 1,600 people globally.

• The company's core sports are American football, Canadian football, tennis, baseball, golf, basketball, softball, badminton and squash.

• The company also produces equipment for racquetball and soccer.

You think the Iowa caucus was interesting - read this ONU election story

By Monty Siekerman
What goes around, comes around...but a generation later.

When Gina Grandillo became president of the ONU student senate, it was, she said jokingly, a vindication for her dad.

Her dad, Mike, a 1979 grad, lost his run for senate president to a friend, Mark Palmer, by a mere 12 votes.

But Mike went on to big things. He is now president of Madonna University in Livonia, Mich., with about 1,000 more students than ONU.

Mark is successful, too. He its CEO and cofounder of a capital management group in Columbus.

In fact, Gina and Mark met this weekend on campus during the winter meeting of the ONU board of trustees.

Observations, insights & sightings: The latest adult craze

By Monty Siekerman
Coloring for adults is the latest craze.

Why? It's relaxing, lowers stress, you end up with something beautiful, coloring can be fun (some books are humorous), and there is a level of nostalgia about coloring like when you were a child.

The Ada Public Library has a Coloring Book Club for those 13 years old and older. Sessions begin at 6 pm. You can come and go as you please between then and closing at 8 pm.

The next session will be Thursday, Feb. 7.

Supplies are provided--the coloring books and color pencils and markers. Crayons aren't usually used because the designs are too detailed for the thicker crayons.

New definition for "First Night" includes the word "puppy"

By Monty Siekerman
When you Google the words "First Night," you'll find several meanings, including one about New Year's Eve. That meaning is about a safe, affordable, fun time in many cities.

But I have another definition for "First Night," that of one with a new puppy.

The night you first bring a puppy home is anything but sane. Nope, not affordable, either. Breeders charge hundreds of dollars nowadays for a furry, four-legged critter.