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August 18, 2019

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Monty's Column

Ever hear of a "Bull Bear?" You might be one...here's how

What's a Bull Bear?
The Konnor Baker story, which was highly popular on Ada Icon, taught us a new term: Bull Bear. Seems that Ada High School athletes who also become standout players at the local university are called Bull Bears, the partial name of each schools' mascots...AHS Bulldogs/ONU Polar Bears, clever idea.

Thanks to Conelia Sauvie Dixon, an alumna of both schools, a Bulldog and Polar Bear, hence a Bull Bear, for adding a new term to my lexicon.

Ada Roads
Ada has 21 miles of roads of roads, including village and state routes. That's like driving from here to Dunkirk and back.

Observations, insights and sighting: Drones over Ada?

No Drones...Yet

Drones have been in the news the past couple of years. They have the potential to be used in delivery, farming, or just for fun. So, I asked the county extension office if they knew of a farmer near Ada who was using drones.  Nope, not yet was the reply; however, the FAA has come up with some guidelines that may encourage the use of drones in farming, they said.

100 winter swimmers+pledges= $2,000 for Red Cross

Polar Plunge Results
The fourth annual Polar Plunge raised $2,000 which will be given to the Hardin County chapter of the Red Cross. About 100 brave swimmers took the frigid dive for charity. Kewpee donated 300 hamburgers for the quick-dash swimmers. The brothers of Delta Sigma Phi organized and carried out the service project

As the word gets around Ada Icon continues to grow with viewers and advertisers

By Monty Siekerman

I am impressed with the reach and effectiveness of the Ada Icon. An online newspaper has many advantages over print media. Having spent most of my career in journalism, I see the great possibilities the new technology has.

In just over a year's time, the Ada Icon has provided the community with immediate news, such as weather alerts, school closings and road conditions.

Beyond immediacy, the Icon has the ability to provide more coverage of local events because it is not limited by space, which in newspapers is determine by the amount of ads sold.

Observations: Church, cats and crossings (railroad)

Two Lessons from Church
Giving the children's sermon at the Baptist Church, Pastor Jack  Duffy told of a lady who was blind from birth, how it was difficult for her to get by in the world. However, the woman said, "The first person I see will be Jesus."

Later, Dave Rouch, giving a testimonial about his walk in faith, recounted this: I was the driver, God was in the backseat giving directions; then I learned God should be in the driver's seat.

Pitty the Poor Cats and Dogs
This month's cold and snow must make it difficult for stray cats and dogs to survive...if only more were rescued.

Observations, insights & sighting: Birds, quiet town and ONU

All About the Birds...No Bees
One local resident reported a flock of 50 robins near the railroad park downtown. A couple of days later another large group of robins was spotted elsewhere in Ada. So, this sent us to our computer to learn more about migration of the American robin. Are they arriving this early? It's the dead of winter, temps hovering around zero. Any robin in this territory would have trouble pulling a worm from the ground.

Seems that some robins stay in Ada all winter. When they do, it is common to find them in large flocks.