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August 18, 2019

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Monty's Column

Observations, insights and sighting: Let's have an Easter egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunts
• Kappa Alpha Theta, noon, Sunday, March 29, Ada War Memorial Park
• St Paul's United Church of Christ, 2 pm, Friday, April 3
• Alger Assembly of God, registration 9 am, hunt 10 am, Saturday, April 4.

USV Kindergarten
Kindergarten registration for next year will be held at USV from 8:30 am to 2 pm on Tuesday, May 12. Call 419-757-3231 before May 4 to register your child for kindergarten screening.

Observations, insights & sighting: Well, cook my goose!

Backyard basketball, coed volleyball, tennis play, joggers, runners, laggards, kids without coats (one without even shoes), dogs of all shapes and sizes along Main Street with their owners of all shapes and sizes. Gals in shorts (short shorts) guys in shorts (formerly known as peddle pushers), geese (see below), tulips and daffs showing life, winter banners on light poles that will soon be changed, trash in gutters apparent now that the snow is gone, smiley faces on nearly everyone.

It's a Hoot
There are 130,000 Canadian geese in Ohio, more than double the population of two decades ago.

Observations, insights and sighting: Ready to plant peas on March 17?

In the mood to plant?

Laurie Laird, owner of New Leaf Garden Center, says the saying goes: plant peas on St. Patrick's Day (March 17) and potatoes on Good Friday (April 3). "I don't see that happening this year since the ground is so frozen." It was 6 degrees on March 6...more like mid-Janurary.

Observations, insights and sighting: Ever hear of the Ada Hay Fever and Asthma Club?

Ada area drivers are off the hook this year when it comes to delays due to roadwork. ODOT reports no repair or resurfacing work is planned in 2015 on State Routes 81, 235, or 309 near Ada. Nearest projects in Hardin County are near Kenton, Dunkirk, and Roundhead. There will be patching done where needed.

Extra Change?
For those with a few extra dollars floating around, there are some nice houses for sale in the quarter of a million dollar price range. Look no farther than Hays Avenue.

We asked Beacon Realty for the most expensive house they have listed in Ada. Answer: 340 Hays Ave., $229,500.

Observations, insights and sighting: Trust your car to the man with the star

It pays to shop around for gas. On Saturday, Feb. 28, the price of gas at several stations on the east side of Lima was $2.09 while on the west side it was $2.49---40 cents per gallon difference in the same city. That's $8 a fillup. Used to be gas companies tried to get loyal customers to stick with their brand, nowadays drivers seek out the best price. Remember the jingle: Texaco, you can trust your car to the man who wears the star?
Postage Stamps

Observations, insights and sighting: Coming to Ada soon

New Business
The sign on the door says "Coming Soon." Vape N Chill will be located just north of China King on South Main. It will sell vapor supplies and have a vapor lounge (think e-cigarettes, a.k.a. electronic cigarettes).