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March 25, 2019

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Monty's Column

Observations, insights and sightings: Speaking their peace

By Monty Siekerman
Demonstrations in Ada are few and far between, as I have observed of the local scene during the past 50 years. So, when I saw a group of people in white coats standing outside the library, I took note, and in true reporter form, began asking questions.

About 45 pharmacy students and a couple of profs were at the library to meet with a staff member from Congressman Bob Latta's office to talk about making pharmacists "providers," as is proposed in a House bill.

The delegation from ONU came prepared...dressed in pharmacy outfits, bullhorn in hand, signs saying what they wanted.

Monty Siekerman: Insight in unexpected places

By Monty Siekerman
Sometimes you find insight in unexpected places.

I recently attended a gathering of writers and artists at ONU, but came away with some insight about my job, which is neither writing poetry nor putting beautiful lines on canvas.

I learned to look at my job differently, my job as a simple gardener at the Railroad Depot Park.
Sure, I love gardening, seeing the beautiful flowers bloom, watching mothers push baby carriages through the park, business people scurrying to work, students walking dogs (even one guy with a cat on a leash).

Have you stumbled upon this? Can you locate it?

Few could answer this question because, I imagine, few have stumbled upon it.

This is found in a trail in the woods southwest of Fraternity Circle. Growth in the woods has been cut away, a path of cut logs to walk on extends just a few paces.

Looking up, one sees a "monument" of wood circles with colorful bottles attached.

There used to be a small brochure there telling about what the passerby has discovered and why the pathway is there, but the pamphlets are long gone.

Look for an opening in the northwest corner of the woods to find this hidden gem.

Observations, insights and sighting: Looking forward to viewing art by Courtney Sumner, Gracie Allison and Brevin Sizemore

Wild Turkeys
Turkeys are rebounding in this area and in all of Ohio for that matter. Last year hunters took more than 16,000 gobblers in Ohio. April is the month when the toms strut their stuff, a natural phenomenon called "The Show." So, if you are a birder or hunter you may want to catch a glimpse of of "The Show" in a woods or field near you during breeding season. This year's turkey hunting season in Ohio extends from April 20 to May 17.

Observations, insights and sighting: Let's have an Easter egg hunt

Easter Egg Hunts
• Kappa Alpha Theta, noon, Sunday, March 29, Ada War Memorial Park
• St Paul's United Church of Christ, 2 pm, Friday, April 3
• Alger Assembly of God, registration 9 am, hunt 10 am, Saturday, April 4.

USV Kindergarten
Kindergarten registration for next year will be held at USV from 8:30 am to 2 pm on Tuesday, May 12. Call 419-757-3231 before May 4 to register your child for kindergarten screening.

Observations, insights & sighting: Well, cook my goose!

Backyard basketball, coed volleyball, tennis play, joggers, runners, laggards, kids without coats (one without even shoes), dogs of all shapes and sizes along Main Street with their owners of all shapes and sizes. Gals in shorts (short shorts) guys in shorts (formerly known as peddle pushers), geese (see below), tulips and daffs showing life, winter banners on light poles that will soon be changed, trash in gutters apparent now that the snow is gone, smiley faces on nearly everyone.

It's a Hoot
There are 130,000 Canadian geese in Ohio, more than double the population of two decades ago.