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Update: Brush pick up moved to today and Monday


There has been a change in the brush pick up dates.  The contractor is in Ada today (FRIDAY) to begin removing brush from tree lawns. 

It is the village's understanding at this point that the contractor will also be in Ada on Monday to complete the pick up.  It is not yet clear if the contractor will also be in town tomorrow.

Residents are asked to place brush in the tree lawns for easier removal. Please do not park cars on the streets in front of or near brush piles, as the contractor may not be able to pick up around vehicles.

Small piles of leaves and sticks will remain. Residents are asked to rake up the piles and bag remaining items. Residents who are on the Village contract for refuse removal through Waste Management may place bagged items in their totes for the regularly scheduled pick up on Tuesday.

Residents with private contracts for removal will need to contact their hauler for more details.

More information about the brush removal is provided in the current "Village Voice," which follows:

The Village of Ada will be running informational articles about Village policies and services currently offered. These articles will be for informational purposes only, and further details and the complete Codified Ordinances may be found on the Village website,, or by calling the Village Water Office at 419-634-4045.

The Brush Plan
The burning question throughout the Village over the past few weeks has been: “When are you going to get this brush picked up?” The answer is: “next week.” Please read on for details of the plan and how you can help.

Your patience has been greatly appreciated, and now we ask for your cooperation.
During the week of July 23rd (next week), the Village will have a contractor come through the village to collect the brush and storm debris that has been piled up in the tree lawns since the storms that blew through the village on June 29th.

Using equipment, such as a clam shell, which will allow for the pickup of large piles, the contractor will move the brush and storm debris to a piece of Village property for disposal. The removal of storm debris from tree lawns is expected to be finished by the end of the week.

Your cooperation is needed to help us get the majority of the large brush piles and tree branches moved from the tree lawn area. The contractor will only go through your neighborhood one time; once brush has been picked up on your street, the contractor will not come back through to pick up anything that was put out after the initial pick up.

Please make sure you have all of your large tree debris from the storm in the tree lawn prior to the contractor’s arrival on your street. Please do not place any brush or storm debris in the street.

If you have a car parked on the street in front of a brush pile, please make plans to have the vehicle moved prior to the contractor’s arrival on your street. If a vehicle is blocking a brush pile, the contractor may not pick up the pile, and will not come back for it.

Leaves and small twigs will remain once the contractor has picked up the larger debris. Please help us recover the pleasant look of our community by raking and bagging the remaining items.

If you have your refuse picked up via the Village contract with Waste Management, you may bag the items and put them in your refuse tote. Waste Management will collect those bags in the regular refuse pick up on the following Tuesday morning. If you have a private refuse contract, please contact your hauler for details on how to dispose of the remaining debris.

The brush pick up conducted by the contractor next week will be done at no cost to property owners.