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Q: How many nations in the world have had viewers on The Ada Icon? A: It will surprise you!

A letter to Ada Icon readers:

In mid-September The Ada Icon will be six months old. We like to take a moment and share with viewers some of the interesting stats about we’ve experienced in our first six months.

These are according to Google Analytics:
7,450 total visits to the site
3,474 individual viewers (some check in twice a day!)
20,322 pages visited
2.73 pages views per each visit
1:56 average time spent on The Icon on each visit
469 visitors to the site during the week of Aug. 5-11
     (that’s our highest weekly viewer count - we're really happy about this number!)

44 – The number of countries represented by Ada Icon viewers
47 – The number of states represented by Ada Icon viewers
(so far no visitors from Utah, Alaska or Hawaii)

5,923 visits to the site in Ohio, including (top 6 cities):
1,009 from Ada
853 from Bluffton
514 from Lima
461 from Kenton
389 from Columbus
322 from Findlay
211 – The number of Ohio villages and cities represented by Ada Icon viewers

Ranking of pages visited by Ada viewers on The Icon
1 – Home page
2 – Classified page
3 – News in Ada page

There’s tons of more statistics. We’ll share more with you soon. We appreciate the great response with experienced from Ada viewers in our first six months of providing you with daily news on the Internet.

We also invite your comments about the site, and welcome story ideas.

Thanks, Ada!

The Ada Icon Staff