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The Village Voice: See a stake in the tree lawn?

The Village Voice
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See a stake in the tree lawn?
The Village works year round to identify trees in the public right of way that are in need of trimming and removal, as well as selecting locations for new trees.

Over the past few months, efforts have been focused on trimming and removal of the trees that were damaged during the storms in late June. The Village crews are able to address many of the trees identified, and there are a few trees that contractors will need to remove.

Studies have shown that tree lined streets improve commerce, as well as contribute to the overall health and aesthetic beauty of communities, and that certainly applies to Ada. Our tree commission works to identify ideal sites for new trees; as those sites are identified, a stake is placed in the location.

Information from multiple sources is used when identifying an ideal site. One of the most important sources of information is from the residents of the Village. If you have a location in the tree lawn in or near your home that seems like a good place for a tree, give the Water Office a call.

Your location will be placed on our revolving list of possible locations. When developing planting designs, the tree commission looks at these sites first. Our goal is to put the right tree in the right location, not just plant any tree that may not be well suited for that location.

We have trees that will be planted soon, and stakes have been placed for the planting location of trees. If you have questions or concerns about any of these locations, please contact our office immediately, and we will be happy to answer your questions.