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Children's author and illustrator visits Ada elementary students on Thursday

Right to Read Week is always a popular week at Ada Elementary. This year's special week has a visit from a special children's author and illustrator, Diane deGroat. She will visit with elementary students on Thursday, April 11.

She has illustrated over 120 books for other authors, and painted almost 200 book jackets, and written 21 books that she's also illustrated.

One of her popular characters is Gilbert, a first grader (see book illustration at the top of the home page).

When asked who she got here book ideas, she answers:

"For the Gilbert books, I think of a holiday or a major event like the first day of school to write about. Sometimes I talk to first grade teachers about my ideas before I write the book to get their opinions and suggestions.

"Then I have to come up with a funny title, and I write the story to go with the title. This is a backward way to work, but I'm locked into having those funny titles. P.S. I'm running out of holidays and funny titles. Send me your suggestions!"