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Harlem Shake: New sensation that swept the nation - watch it here

The Ada Icon introduces a new music review column. Delano D. Whidbee, a university student sophomore from Flint, Mich., is the columnist.

He says: "Music has always been around my life. The different creative styles interested me from a young age."

This is more than a serious hobby for Delano. He said, "I check daily to see what new music or exclusive interviews, or music visuals have been released."

And, concerning his favorite music, he said: "I like any music I can relate to, or understand. Also, if there is some creative style to the music whether it’s the instrumental or the way everything flows together."

Welcome Delano. Here's his first column.

Reviewed By: Delano Whidbee
Artist: Baauer
Song: Harlem shake
Genre: Dance/Electronic
Rating 3/5

The new sensation that swept the nation. I don’t think anyone saw this coming Baauer-Harlem shake track became most requested on any and every new media device.
"Shake,” became the ultimate viral smash hit thanks to the songs (and dance's) runaway meme (in which a person dances to the song alone for 15 seconds before others join in for the clip's second half).

People all across the world made their own YouTube videos of their interpretation of the song and dance. The dances track accumulates 48 million streams, down from 54 million last week and 98 million the week before.

Sales also slide by 19% to 186,000, as "Shake" dips 3-4 on the Digital Songs chart. Still, the song passes 1 million in downloads sold to date.

The track became so famous that celebrities started to make their own YouTube videos inviting very one to see them have fun with the dance.

Click to see Miami Heat’s Harlem Shake Video.
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