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Kiwanis Club: Want to hear a good fishing story - read on...

Ada Kiwanis members went fishing - in a manner of speaking - on Aug. 20.

Here's the story:

Kiwanis member Harold Friesner reported on the annual fishing trip made by several Kiwanis members Harold Friesner, Charles Van Dyne, Bruce Neely and John Berg, along with four others Jim Turner, David Schmidt, Dick Hubbard and Karlton Plaugher.

The trip was taken to Ontario, Canada, a little east of Thunder Bay. The trip has been made by various Ada residents since 1972.

Friesner shared some pictures from the 2013 trip. Then, there was some additional details provided, including that it takes about two days to drive there then they board a plane to get their favorite fishing spot.

A story was told by Van Dyne about being stranded on the lake due to a faulty boat motor.
Some “fish” stories were related about catching large pike and walleye including netting a large pike 37.5 inches that was mysteriously released.

Additionally, a moose sighting was relayed by Neely and there was some discussion about running each other off the road while driving there.

Other fantastic “fish” stories were also relayed about the entire group’s fun that took place during the trip.

(The Icon thanks Jon Umphress for this story.)