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Who am I? Answer at the bottom of the story

By Alisa Armbrecht

Here's your final chance to guess the identity of our mystery resident. The answer's at the bottom of the story.

First, here are some hints?

•I graduated from ONU in 1988 with a major in business management and a minor in French.
•I have owned the Good Shepherd Boarding Kennel for 15 years.
•I worked in Admissions at ONU for five years.
•I have been a Zumba instructor for the last two years.
•I have led a Bible study group for ten years.
•I have written five screenplays.
•I have a blog titled “Tails from the Kennel”.
•I had an essay published in the NPR compilation “This I Believe on Love”.
•I have had four books published, “Dingo Devotionals”, “Community Pool”, “Miranda’s Bottom”, and “Mr. Hurst’s Ambition”.

So…who am I?

Answer: Lynn Scott