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Barry Schneck wins final Icon football contest of season

The winner of Week 10 of The Icon football contest is Barry Schneck.  He correctly picked 14 games this week.
Other contestants:
13 correct - David Glick and Seth Burkholder.
12 correct - Chris Boisvert, Denny Edinger, Luke Amstutz, Mark Delisle, Megan Morris and Todd Fleharty.
11 correct - Adelyn Althaus, Ben Reineke, Bill Edwards, Brandon Huber, Jerry Cupples, John Clevidence and Tater Hooker.
10 correct - Brandon Schaadt, John Schmutz, Mark Sommers, Nancy Armour, Nathan Davis, Randy Garmatter and Tom Clark.
9 correct - Bentley Dillman, Duane Bollenbacher, Jim Dillman, Rich Johnson and Rory Edinger.
8 correct - Elfrieda Ramseyer and Taylor Steele.