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United Way agency touches us all

Still time to send tax-deductible donation by Dec. 31

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Quite simply, most people give to help others! The United Way of Hardin County​ continues to do just that, as it is celebrating 50 years of turning "Compassion into Action."  The United Way has assisted 21 programs through local non profit agencies, supporting a broad range of human service programs.  Among many of the services, our programs have provided scholarships, housed the homeless, transported our seniors, fed the hungry, mentored our children and improved health and safety to our communities.

I believe every citizen is likely to have a family member, friend or colleague, that has been touched in someway through an agency program. By supporting the United Way, you are also investing in the strength and future or your community.

Let me say 'thank you' if you have already contributed! If no action has been taken, I ask you to open your heart to support the United Way! The existence of these agencies is dependent on your support. There is still time to send your tax-deductible donation by December 31.

Simply mail your contribution to The United Way of Hardin County, 225 S Detroit St, Kenton, OH 43326.  Or for a quick and easy contribution, just visit the web site:  and click "Donate Today".  You can use your favorite points credit card or bank card, and still meet the year end deadline! The United Way director is also available for assistance,  419-675-1860.

Please lend a helping hand to your community, and turn your compassion into action.   Because it's not whats in your pocket that truly matters, It's what’s in your heart!


Merleen Barnes

United Way Campaign Chairman