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Letter: Issue 1 on Nov. 6 is wrong for crime victims

Icon viewers:

Issue 1 on the Nov. 6 ballot does not just reduce sentences for non-violent drug crimes, it also shortens the amount of time spent in prison by 25% for almost all violent crimes.  

Thousands of criminals could be released early for Aggravated Murder (but not “murder,”) Aggravated Rape (but not “rape,”) Human Trafficking, Kidnapping, Felonious Assault, Aggravated Robbery, and every other horrific felony crime you can think of, due to its specific language.

Issue 1 says cost savings will be directed to offender rehabilitation and to victim trauma, but the trauma and safety violations that will be caused by Issue 1 for crime victims are real and unnecessary. Issue 1 also takes away “truth in sentencing” that victims and the public expect.

Issue 1 should not be a constitutional amendment, since it does not impact constitutional rights.  We can legislate reduced penalties for drug crimes, but Issue 1 goes extremely past this intention.  Please vote “No” on Issue 1 on November 6th.

David Voth
Executive Director
Crime Victim Services (Allen and Putnam Counties)