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Letter: This valuable community resource deserves our support

We urge you to vote for the Ada Public Library levy in November

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Rediscovery of our Ada Public Library has been one of the unexpected benefits of retirement!

Thanks to the library’s Tech Support (nods to Max and now Chloe) we are now able and comfortable with accessing, downloading and reading eBooks on both Kindle (Jane) and our iPad (Rich).  We are now able to take select books along on trips with only the added weight of the Kindle and iPad.

Traditional books and magazines are still important for us and through the Library collection and interlibrary loan we are able to access almost every title we looked for …recently we read a piece about this being the 50th anniversary of the publication of Slaughterhouse-five and easily found a hardback copy available through interlibrary loan.  All of this availability has reduced (but not stopped) our book hoarding!

We have taken advantage of the library’s Genealogy resources to search past issues of the Ada Herald and search family history through the portal.

In so many ways, our library also serves as a community center: hosting group meetings, community lectures, and events for children and adults alike.  A place to meet and greet friends both young and old. The library is a valued community resource and merits our support and we urge you to do just that by voting for the Ada Public Library Levy!

Rich and Jane Meininger