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Letter: Vote for Ada Library Levy on Nov. 5

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Ada's library serves the whole community. Walk in and you see happy kids running around, people getting books on every topic, and families participating in bingo, movie nights, and much more.

Circulation is increasing. Involvement is increasing. But funding from the state of Ohio is going down.

On election day this year (November 5), the library is seeking a levy for operating expenses. Ohio is providing less money for libraries, and without the levy, the library will have reduced hours, materials, staff time, and services. The levy cost is $35/ year for a $100,000 home. (The library building project is not paid for through the levy, but rather through a trust set aside for many years.)

Every day, when I walk into the library, I know I’ll see friendly staff, happy customers, and all the books I could want. I’m glad to support the library by voting for the levy November 5, and I hope others will as well.

Maya Fischhoff
724 Autumn Dr
Ada OH 45810