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Letter: Ada Police Department stands ready to assist our residents

Ada Icon viewers:
FROM THE ADA BULLDOGS FACEBOOK - I just wanted to pass on that the Mayor and I attended a briefing this morning in Hardin County related to the COVIS-19 situation and to advise you of two important bits of information that we learned.

1. An important phone number for any and all questions related to the virus is 1-833-427-5634. This is the public information number for the Ohio Department of Health Call Center which has been established specifically for COVIS-19 issues.

2. We learned that it is important for folks who believe that they may be infected to contact the the Call Center or hospital prior to going to the hospital as you may be given instructions on how to deal with or treat your symptoms at home, without potentially exposing others by leaving your home.

Obviously if you feel that you have an immediate need to seek hospitalization, or a life-or-death situation, please do not hesitate to take the necessary actions to include calling 911.

Please know that the Ada Police Department stands ready to assist our residents. Together, we will get through this situation and get back to our lives as normal.

By the way, if any kids feel the need to go toilet papering, please let us know; I'm sure we can find a number of folks willing to clean up afterwards. 
Michael Harnishfeger
Ada police chief