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Letter: Successful May 18 Ada blood drive

Icon viewers:
We had a very successful blood drive on Monday despite the rain. Almost everyone who was on the schedule came in and gave their donation and the majority of those people signed up for our July 20th blood drive.

The Red Cross informed me that those donations helped save 126 lives. Thank you all.

And a very special Tthank you to the Ada VFW  for hosting it. 

The Red Cross personnel deserve a huge thank you. Setting up and tearing down for a blood drive is a tremendous amount of work. Kudos to all of those people...dedicated and hard working.

Thank you to my team of volunteers takes a lot of people to pull this off and with everyone's continued help we will get through these tough days.

The July 20 blood drive has openings in the afternoon. If you would like to be a blood donor and you are not signed up please give the Red Cross a call or me.

And you can also sign up online.

Thank You
Mary Hackworth
ADA Blood Program Leader