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Ada postcard display-ONU student project

The Ada Public Library has a display of local postcards created in late December 2021 by students of history professor Dr. David Strittmatter at Ohio Northern University.

The Icon connected with Aliya Mitchell, a civil engineering major, for details on the exhibit.

Were these cards selected from a larger collection?

We selected the display from over 250 postcards and photos in the Ada Public Library. There were so many interesting ones from class pictures, streetscapes, and people milling about. It was very difficult attempting to narrow the selection down to fit the space provided.

Are there messages on the back and did you read them?

Some of the cards had messages. Many we found asked, "How is your family?" or many of the university's were very simple such as "Hi mom, semester going well." 

Have you ever received or sent a postcard?

I sent a postcard as part of an activity in elementary school.

Do you see any modern equivalents to these messages and images? 

Texting has definitely taken over in recent years when it comes to getting in touch, but Instagram definitely holds a lot of that "look where I am/got to do/visit" effect that I think many postcards carried.

Do you have a favorite postcard in the display?

My favorite image in the display is the blown up image of the Marathon Station on Main Street.

How would you summarize your impressions of this display?

I hope it reminds some of the younger viewers of the display that they can talk to their local librarian or family about local history resources. Everything has a history and I hope they appreciate it.

The Ada Public Library, 320 N Main St, Ada, is open 10 a.m.-8 p.m. Monday-Friday and 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday.