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Boots and Buckles 4-H meeting report for May 9

By Jadalyn Worthington

Meeting was called to order by President Chloe Anderson. Club said the Pledge of Allegiance and the 4-H pledge. 

We had a guest speaker, Kenton Mayor Lynn Jones Webb. She talked about leadership  and encouraging us to “step into the ring of fire” and make a positive difference in our community. Thank you Mayor Lynn Webb for coming and speaking to us. 

Next was roll call with answering “What is your last name?” 

Then the minutes from the last meeting were read by secretary Josie Schwemer. Treasurer’s report was then given by treasure Issac Anderson.

New business- T-shirts were voted on and all orders and money will be taken at the next meeting. Dairy beef feeder registration is due by May 15, 2022. Livestock registration deadline is June 1, 2022, except dairy feeders and broilers. Dairy feeder weigh in is May 28, 2022. The next Quality Assurance is May 22, 2022, members who take Livestock must attend a QA meeting. 

Demonstrations were then given: Piper Wallace demonstrated how to make chocolate chip cookies, Jerrica demonstrated how to make Banana Muffins, Hailey Miesse demonstrated how to crochet, Noah Reed demonstrated how to make Trail Mix. The best demo of the night was won by Noah Reed. 

Refreshments were provided by the McBride family. The meeting was adjourned. Next meeting is May 23, 2022 at 6:30 p.m. at the Arts and Craft building at the fairgrounds. There will be a book check and a skill a thon at the next meeting. 


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