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September 3 "Love Ya!" walk for Patrick Archer

At 10:00 a.m. on Saturday, September 3, 2022, a "Love Ya! Walk for Patrick" will be held at the War Memorial Park track to honor Ada resident Patrick Archer. Archer was killed November 3, 2021 in a workplace incident at the Lima Ford Engine Plant.

Walk organizers note, "Patrick's traumatic death devastated his family, friends, co-workers and shocked the community." The walk is to support the nonprofit organization United Support & Memorial for Workplace Fatalities (USMWF). The public is invited to join the walk, meal and to share stories.

Participants are encouraged to walk 15 laps--approximately 15 individuals are killed in U.S. workplaces each day.

A lunch is being offered to participants immediately following in shelter house #1. Donations are appreciated and are being accepted to cover the costs of the walk and lunch. 

The walk will go live on Facebook with USMWF at some point during the morning as part of the second virtual USMWF Walkathon, which aims to raise $15,000.

According to their website, "USMWF is an organized community of dedicated family member victims, a nationally recognized non-profit leader driving the transformation of the work environment to safe and healthy conditions for all employers and employees – both today and tomorrow.

"USMWF offers support, guidance and resources to those affected by work-related injuries, illnesses or diseases, are dedicated to sharing lessons learned that leads a movement of change in promoting actions for safe and healthy working conditions, and through the collective voice of families of fallen workers and other activists, we strive for the elimination and controls of workplace hazards– therefore preventing future tragedies."