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Carcass Show of Champions

HARDIN COUNTY–Have you ever wondered how well the grand and reserve champion fair animals will grade out on the rail?  The 2023 Hardin County Fair Carcass Show of Champions will be held in-person at Jenkins Meats, 670 E. Marion Street, Mt. Victory on Monday, September 18 starting at 6:00 p.m.

Viewers will be also be able to watch the OSU Meat Judge giving oral reasons and results at both the Hardin County OSU Extension and Ohio State-Hardin County 4-H Facebook pages in addition to the website after the event.

The carcass show will evaluate the meat value of the grand champion and reserve champion steers, barrows, gilts, and lambs from this year’s Hardin County Fair.

Carcass value will be determined by evaluating the dressing percentage, yield grade (external fat thickness, ribeye area (in2), internal fat, and hot carcass weight), as well as quality grade (marbling score and skeletal maturity).

Carcass information is very important to breeding livestock operations for making genetic improvements in their seed stock animals; and serves as an effective marketing tool for producers who sell their livestock for meat.

The Hardin County Fair Carcass Show of Champions is sponsored by Ohio State University Extension, Jenkins Meats, the Hardin County Fair Board, the Hardin County Sheep Improvement Association, the Hardin County Cattle Producers, and the Hardin County Pork Producers.