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Committee will recommend shelving cat nuisance legislation

By Paula Scott

While conversations about cat nuisances and the feral cat population in Ada will continue, the Ada Council is not expected to proceed with a proposed cat control ordinance that recently received a first reading. Feedback from animal welfare organizations convinced the Village Safety Committee that the village cannot legislate itself out of the problem.


The Safety Committee, which is chaired by Jeff Oestreich, met on November 21 and found that the Ohio laws and administrative codes (found HERE) provide sufficient definitions and regulation for the control of animals including cats that are being fed but not cared for as pets.

The discussion with village residents included the role of the municipal court in nuisance cases.

Trap, neuter and release (TNR) of feral cats was also discussed. The Facebook group Bulldogs for Alley Cats has been created to help residents communicate on the topic. The Council and Village administration has voiced an interest in supporting volunteers who would coordinate mobile TNR services in Ada by providing a temporary location where cats would recover from the surgery.